01 Table of Contents and Introduction.pdf
02 Critical Issues.pdf
03 Land Use Element.pdf
04 Housing Element.pdf
05 Economic Element.pdf
06 Natural Resources Element.pdf
07 Municipal Services Element.pdf
08 Open Space Element.pdf
09 Circulation Element.pdf
10 Blackstone Corridor.pdf
11 Planning Administrative Actions.pdf
12 Action Matrix by Element.pdf
13 Action Matrix.pdf
14 Compliance with State.pdf
Figure A Village Boundaries.pdf
Figure B Buildout Analysis.pdf
Figure C Future Land Use Plan.pdf
Figure D Areas of Local Planning Concern.pdf
Figure E Zoning Changes for Consideration.pdf
Figure F Open Space.pdf
Figure G Roads - Function Class.pdf
Figure H Water Resources.pdf
Figure I Waterbodies and Wetlands.pdf
Figure J Floodplains.pdf
Figure K Natural Resources.pdf
Figure L Cultural and Natural Resource.pdf
Figure M Archaeological Sites.pdf