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Tax Assessor's Office

Phone (401) 333-8446


Elaine M. Mondillo, Tax Assessor

Mission Statement

Our mission in the Assessment Department is to provide the most accurate and fairly distributed property assessments for the residents of the Town of Lincoln.  We pride ourselves on treating all residents with the professional courtesy they deserve and will respond to their issues in a timely fashion.

Property Assessments vs. Taxes

Please be advised that property assessment information can only be obtained through the Tax Assessment Department. Questions related to taxes and taxes due should be directed to the Finance Office/Tax Collections.

Public access to property information is available through the tax roll and field cards located in the Assessor's office. Questions regarding property valuation should be addressed to Ms. Mondillo.

The current tax rates for the 2015 Tax Bills are:

 Residential Real Estate $23.53
 Commercial Real Estate $26.89
 Motor Vehicles $30.66
 Tangible Personal Prop. $36.95

Tax bills are mailed in July.  Click here for more information about payments and due dates.

Although your taxes are based on your property's valuation, our office does not decide when taxes are due or how they are paid.  Additionally, our office will not distribute personal or financial information that is not part of the public records act.  We will be more than happy to assist you with valuation issues.  We don't set the tax rate, nor do we set town policy.  However, we do administer all property tax exemptions that are available to our residents.

The information on this page is updated by the Tax Assessor's Office.  If you have any questions or comments, please call or use the appropriate Contact Us section.

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